Finance and Banking


INTRAFINA acts as a confirming house, It confirms to manufacturers and suppliers in Canada and USA the payment of the value of shipments under orders emanating from importers from all over the world. This confirming activity is carried out in the form of standby line of credit granted by INTRAFINA to creditworthy buyers operating in foreign countries. This direct credit facility is made available on short and/or medium term basis permitting overseas buyers to pay with cash their purchase of commodities, products and equipments in Canada and the USA.

Banking Agents

For specific deals which necessitate extended financing, INTRAFINA arranges for its clients:

Short and medium term financing for imports and exports.

Revolving lines of credit to finance stocks of raw materials, machinery, equipment and inventories deposited with any of the leading warehouse companies.

Revolving lines of credit to industries to discount trade acceptances covering sales to distributors, wholesalers or retailers.

Financing of "accounts receivable" which enables the manufacturer to give the required liquidity to its working capital. This could be granted with and/or without recourse to him in case of default of his buyer.